Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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20 Aug 05: Tanya & I got some good work done today. She started out by cutting and installing the cabin air vent hoses. These connect the NACA duct on the fuselage sides to our new eyeball vents. Done!

Tanya then installed the intercom. Done!

Then she installed the switch covers. We decided to go with red for the master power, blue for flaps, and white for everything else. At first I didn't really like the little covers, but now that they are on I think they look great. Done!

We connected the throttle and mixture cables to the engine next. They were pretty easy, but the prop cable was a bear. The prop governor is on the back of the engine sitting in a dished out section of the firewall. The cable was very tough to install. Thankfully, Tanya's arms & hands fit back there. Seen below is Ron Hanselman, a friend who is soon starting a RV-7A, helping Tanya re-safety wire the oil filter in place.

The last sub-panel is now installed! Here's the g-meter and oil cooling door cable installed. We're thinking about removing the g-meter and building a new little panel to hold the oil door cable and the left cabin air vent. Later.

Here's the oil cooler all ready to go. Engine controls...done!

We still have the cabin heat cable to connect, but that's the last of the cables. We'll working on knocking out the electronic ignition advance gauge tomorrow & then move on to installing and wiring the new stick grips.

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