Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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16 Aug 05: I put another couple hours in at the hangar today. I started today's work with the audio input & output plugs I was working on yesterday. I painted the new bracket last night, but neglected to paint some #4 machine screws to mount it with. I installed the audio input & output jacks on the bracket and painted some screws. Once the screws dry (tomorrow), I'll install it all.

The next big push I started was bundling & securing all the wiring under the panel. It's kind of an iterative task...bundle some wires, then install another instrument, then bundle some more wires. I installed the radio & transponder trays (for the last time!) then routed & bundled their wiring harnesses. The antenna wires for the NAV/COM radio required a slightly modified path to reach the new radio location, but everything went together fine. I turned everything on & everything appears to operate normally. I don't have a push-to-talk installed yet, but I could hear the COM & NAV radios fine. I'll test the transmitter once I get the sticks installed.

I had to paint some screws yesterday for the Narco CDI. It requires 7/16" long #6 machine screws - 1/2" long ones don't fit. It was next to find it's place in the panel.

With the CDI in place, I was able to do alot of wire bundling under the panel. The wire cleanup is far from done, but the cockpit is really starting to look great. Our A&P John stopped by today & gave it his review... "looks very impressive."

The autopilot power was acting up so I did some investigation on that. When I pushed or bumped the fuse holder cover, the power would cycle. The fuse in there was an old fuse I reused. It was kinda dirty, so I replaced it. I think that solved the problem. Here's the daily end-of-day panel photo...

Tomorrow I'll continue to work on the wire bundling behind the panel & install more gauges.

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