Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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15 Aug 05: Well, I didn't make it out to work on the plane at all this weekend. We had friends in town, so we enjoyed time with them & toured the Las Vegas Strip instead. We had a great time with some very dear family friends & got some awesome pictures of the strip. Today I was back to it.

I'm all for making this plane more enjoyable. One nice thing to have is music. Tanya has an MP3 player with probably thousands of songs on it, so I installed a plug to connect it to the intercom. The jack shown here is a standard 2.5mm (1/8") stereo jack that I wired to provide a mono input to our intercom. I still have to make a mounting bracket for it, but I tested it and it works great. We'll see how we like it with all the extra noise from the engine running & the plane flying. The intercom already had an audio output so that you could plug your video camera in & hear all the chatter on the radio & intercom. I'll make the new bracket to place this new music input next to our existing output. Tunes!

Another "nice to have" item (at least in my book) is an autopilot nav mode select switch. I wired up the serial A output from the EFIS/Lite and the serial output from our handheld Garmin to this SPDT switch. The middle wire takes whatever you have selected & sends it to the NMEA 183 input in the Trio EZ Pilot Autopilot. This will give us the option to use our EFIS/Lite or our handheld GPS to drive the autopilot. Both GPS serial outputs have independent grounds not seen in this photo.

I fired the EFIS, autopilot & Garmin handheld up to test everything. I dialed my dad's local airport into the Garmin and selected "Ext GPS" on my new nav mode switch. It worked perfectly...

I must have screwed up the wiring for the EFIS though. Hmmm. More on this later...

The last thing I knocked out today was installing the cigarette lighter power adapter. I still have to run the wires to it, but it's in place. This power adapter looks very nice without its stock stainless bracket. A couple of wires & connectors & it'll be ready to go.

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