Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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11 Aug 05: Today I spent another couple hours at the hangar & things are now changing fast. It's definitely a fun time to be working on the plane. After months of doing the "behind the scenes" wiring, when I work on the plane now, I can actually see change.

I installed the right headset jacks and the ground for them. That's the last of the wiring on the right side of the panel that gets "bolted in."

Ok, it's time to start tackling the wiring mess under the panel. After closer inspection (and just thinking about it), it looks like about half of the wire in the rat's nest goes to the radio & transponder. The bulk of the rest of it actually gets routed in the center stack. I started dealing with the wires by connecting up the radio & transponder. After all the connectors were screwed in, I put the two trays in place.

Time to install the throttle quadrant. I hung the throttle sub-panel in place and ran the throttle and mixture pushrods through the firewall to the right side of the engine and the prop pushrod to the left side.

I built a new bracket to attach to the main sub-panel (the one behind the instrument panel) and support the three engine pushrods. I actually attached it to the bottom the radio tray "U," not the sub-panel itself. I used Adel clamps to hold the pushrods in place. You can't see it, but it's not really that interesting anyway. Everything lined up great & the pushrods are now level with the world.

More instruments! Using Tanya's painted screws, I put the new autopilot in its place. I connected the autopilot's wiring harness, then moved over to the fuse holders. Love it!

I still have one more power lead to connect for the autopilot, but it's almost ready to go. I also have to wire the new nav mode selector switch up to the autopilot, EFIS and handheld GPS. I got the radio cooling fan powered up & tested...one more thing done.

Time again to go to work. I won't be out here tomorrow. I'll get more done on Saturday, but that'll be a short day too.

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