Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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10 Aug 05: I made it to the hangar again today for a couple hours. I've been looking at this huge pile of wires for several months now & I'm very annoyed by it. I can't really do anything with it until I have all the circuit breakers, fuse holders & switches installed though.

So, I started work today by putting the last of the circuit breakers in place. I didn't tighten them down all the way, but at least they are where they belong now.

The switches were next. I didn't see needing to do anything else with them, so I snugged them down. The only switch I didn't install was the pitot heat switch. Since we don't have pitot heat yet, I'm thinking of just putting a plug in the switch hole until I install a new heated pitot tube. We'll see. We're still deciding what we're going to do with the little colored switch covers you see here. Tanya's going to figure that out later. Switches...installed.

I had to trim the mounting screw for the left vent, but the headset jacks are now in place on the left side of the cockpit.

Thankfully I have a battery trickle charger...otherwise my battery would be totally dead from all the times I've turned things on to look at the "pretty lights." This panel is going to be awesome. The 27.7" of manifold pressure indicated on the engine monitor matches with the local altitude of 2200' MSL. 11.6 volts though...time to charge the battery (again).

I started to connect the right headset jacks, but noticed it was time for work. Once I get that headset jack installed, it'll be time to start wiring the fuses up to their devices. After that, who knows, I might even be able to clean up all that wiring.

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