Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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04 Aug 05: Today was more sensor & wiring work. I pulled the panel between the seats that hides the flap servo. It doesn't have a position sensor, so I'll have to install one of the Ray Allen position sensors to get flap position to the engine monitor. It seems kinda funny putting a sensor on something I can see easily out the window. Cool points.

For the new nav mode switch for the autopilot, I needed to wire the EFIS for its serial output. Two new wires & itty-bitty soldering work later, the EFIS is ready to wire to the nav mode selector.

I also mounted the manifold pressure sensor today, but somehow I forgot to take a photo of it. Instead of building a bracket to hold it, I just bolted it to the mount for the AF2500's Analog Module. I'll remove the old manifold pressure firewall fitting & install a hose fitting to connect it up.

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