Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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03 Aug 05: The photo etched labels came in last night for the panel. Tanya & I started the process last night. I finished the label sticking today. They say these are bulletproof - even more so than silkscreened letters. The "gray" on the labels looks fairly close to the gray on the panel, but the light changes the color of the labels more than the panel since they are unpainted metal. I think they look pretty good.

The label for the fuses is 0.15" high. I almost could call it cute.

On the left side of the panel is the starter switch & electronic ignition switch.

The center console got it's share too. This is where the new autopilot nav mode switch will go...

Next I worked on the amp sensor for the engine monitor. I built a little bracket for it to mount behind the sub-panel. I used insulated circuit board stand-offs from Radio Shack to connect the amp sensor to the bracket.

Here it is installed.

Check this out. All the panels are painted, labeled and ready to install. The panel is actually a neutral gray. It looks blue-ish here because of the outside light.

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