Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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02 Aug 05: As promised, lots of pictures today. I knocked out the installation of my new canopy release hardware before getting going on the rest of the day's projects. After that, I worked on getting the panel ready for final installation. What's that mean? I installed it & uninstalled it about a thousand times. Before I installed it the first time, I enlarged the hole in the sub-panel to fit the width of the radio trays. The new hole along with the existing hole create quite an empty space in the sub panel. I left the bottom part of this sub-panel untouched until I had time to beef up the surrounding structure.

With the panel temporarily bolted in, I used a square to align the radio tray and cut the sub panel to fit.

After I cut the sub panel, I test fit the radio to make sure everything would align perfectly.

After that, I shifted gears for a while to do some finish work on the new elevator trim servo. Electric trim on every surface is going to be sooo nice.

After that quick break, it was time to pound some rivets. This is the main support structure to make up for the even bigger hole I was about to cut in the panel. 1/16"x3/4" angle definitely beefed the area up.

With the extra support in place, I finished cutting the new hole for the radio stack...Look ma, no sub-panel! The towel is in there to keep dust & metal shavings out of the AF2500 Analog Module.

I put the main panel back in & test fit the transponder and radio to align the rear support. Love it!!

Since there still wasn't much sub-panel left, I built a support structure for the radio stack. It might be a little bit heavy, but I just didn't feel comfortable about how much of the sub-panel I'd removed. Anyway, it makes for a very strong support for the radio stack. See the extra hole I drilled in it? Ooops.

It was great to see the radio stack in place in the new instrument panel actually in the plane. It shouldn't need to go back in until the final installation. With only a few minutes of work left in me for the day, I used my handy 7/8" hole saw to install our cigarette-style power adapter. This is the one that Aircraft Spruce sells. If your panel is fairly thin, you don't need to use the stainless mounting plate that comes with it. For a cigarette lighter thing, it looks nice!

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