Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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01 Aug 05: I took off Monday through Thursday this week, but I had to be at work more than half the day today anyway. So, after finally getting to the hanger I decided to work on tidying up a few little projects & getting going on others.

One of the things I choose to change with this new panel was the emergency canopy release. With the old panel, there was a T-handle at the top middle of the canopy that released the front hinge pins of the canopy. I could go on for pages about this, but in as few words as possible...even if you pulled the emergency release in flight, the canopy still would stay on the airplane. Even with all this work we've done, we haven't pulled the canopy off so I doubt we ever will. I'm leaving most of the mechanism installed though, just not the handle.

I built a bracket/doubler to bolt the canopy release control arm to. If I ever need to remove the canopy (maybe to paint the airplane in a few years), I'll just remove the bolt & then the rest easy. I'll prime the new bracket tomorrow & then it'll be ready for final installtion.

Yesterday Tanya put together a little jumper wire to connect the EFIS circuit breaker to the avionics buss. I connected the circuit breaker today, so that's ready to bolt into the panel now. I gave alot of thought to what buss everything was going on. The biggest part of my decision comes from what my backups are. After a little brainstorming, I realized the whole thing was pretty simple. What do you really need in an emergency situation? Engine instruments? GPS? EFIS? For me, it's none of those. My backup instruments are a vacuum powered attitude indicator along with pressure driven airspeed & altitude. I don't need an engine monitor to get down if I have a problem. My #2 radio is actually a handheld with a bracket that holds it between the seats. Since it has a battery, I don't need my main radio even if I'm IFR with a problem. So...everything that looks & smells like avionics goes on the avionics buss. There will be no emergency buss to power any avionics.

In other news...Since the engine monitor can display elevator & aileron trim position along with flap position, I did some research on my aileron trim servo. It's an old MAC servo (same as current Ray Allen Company)...it's so old though that it doesn't have any position indicator built in. Dang. So, our aileron trim will go without an indicator. The aileron trim tab is easy to see from the cockpit, so setting takeoff trim is easy anyway. Don't need it!

I did some other stuff too, but it's all boring without photos. Photos tomorrow - promise!

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