Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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31 Jul 05: Tanya & I spent most of the day tackling the new elevator trim setup. To find the center of the servo's travel, we connected its position sensor wires up to the engine monitor & powered up the servo. The servo stops itself at each end of its travel, so we marked the end points and then measured & marked the center point. We motored the servo to the center point & set the engine monitor's trim indicator to match the servo. With the servo centered, we aligned it on the bracket & drilled the final holes.

After a few tweaks on the servo mount, we primed the parts & did a final fit check. The servo mount is made of a simple angle & a piece of .040 aluminum sheet. We riveted the angle in place & bolted the servo and .040 plate to it.

To keep the trim pushrod from moving around, we built another bracket and put an Adel clamp on it. With everything bolted/riveted in place, we gave the servo a test run. Everything worked great & the limits were easy to set in the engine monitor trim indicator. The trim tab now has much less slop than the previous mechanical trim.

We still have to connect the servo relays & the new stick grips. The new trim project isn't over yet, but actually having moving parts is way cool.

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