Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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30 Jul 05: Tanya & I spent a couple hours this evening at the hangar. We worked on parts of a couple projects.

We worked on tidying up the engine monitor wiring. The photo below is from early in the process. It's a huge bundle of wires, but it's now pretty much ready to go.

We also installed the new elevator trim pushrod and started building the bracket to hold the Ray Allen trim servo. Tanya climbed in the back of the fuselage & ran the wiring for the trim servo. She threaded it through all the old holes where the previous mechanical trim linkage was. We soldered the 5-connector wiring to the servo & shrink wrapped everything. We forgot the wiring diagram for the servo, so we didn't make anything move by itself today. Once we wire it, we can find the servo's center position and put the finishing touches on the servo bracket.

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