Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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27 Jul 05: I spent all day today connecting the sensor wires to the AF2500 engine monitor's Analog Module. There are 72 input wires for the AF2500...72! Since my engine is 4 cylinder (not 6), there are a few less, but I still was stripping wire ends for hours.

Many of the sensors had shielded wires. The shielding needs to be connected to the "shield" terminals on the Analog Module, so I soldered little pigtail wires to the shielding like so...

I still don't have my elevator/aileron trim and flap position sensors hooked up, but everything else is plugged in. I still have to mount the oil & fuel pressure sensors. They will go on a Vans VA-168 manifold mounted on the firewall...whenever that gets here. To connect the amp meter I think I'm going to have to rewire the main power to the master buss. The fuel flow sensor requires some new fuel lines & the manifold sensor requires a simple mount & some plumbing. There's still lots of work before the engine monitor is done.

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