Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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26 Jul 05: Back to the hangar! It got up to 110 degrees outside at the airport today...back to normal.

I worked today on wiring. There was really nothing cool to take photos of, but I took some anyway. I wired the new pins into the Trio Avionics EZ Pilot II autpilot. It gets raw NMEA 183 commands from a GPS. I connected up the data pins & wires to my handheld GPS & fired everything up. Using the "simulate" mode of the GPS I was able to check the autopilot & get a quick feel for all it's modes. There are tons of options for display and flight modes in the EZ Pilot. It looks like it'll be great to fly with.

I'm eventually going to put in a "Nav Mode" switch to select which GPS drives the autopilot. That will let us pick either a handheld GPS or the EFIS to drive the autopilot. I picked up a SPDT mini-switch for the job.

The autopilot has an adapter cable so it can talk to my old NavAid servo. The adapter cable uses standard Molex pins & connectors. With a little solder, shrink wrap & some 22 gauge aircraft wire, they look like this:

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