Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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24 Jul 05: Today we made good progress - the weather actually helped us a bunch. When we got the hangar, it was 71 degrees...that's 46 degrees cooler than it was 4 days ago. It was soooooo nice.

Most of our work today was spent getting the analog module for the AF2500 engine monitor mounted behind the panel. We beefed up the stucture slightly between the firewall & the sub-panel using small sections of 1/16" angle. With clecos in place on the beefed up areas, we built simple supports for the analog module as close to the firewall as it would go. We'll take the new supports home to prime & then the analog module mount is just a few rivets & machine screws away from being done.

Remember, safety is no accident. Always wear your stupid looking safety goggles when operating power tools.

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