Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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17 Jul 05: Getting home from Japan took over 40 hours of travel time, 2 car rides & 3 different airplanes. It was absolutely horrible. I can not sleep on an airplane, so by the time I got home I was a complete zombie.

Las Vegas has seen a record heat wave over the last week & it's still going as of today. It was 118 degrees at our house (in the shade) & reportedly hotter at the airport. I left one of the cars outside for about 15 minutes in the sun & it's temp gauge said 130. That's just stupid hot. We figured that in the metal hangar next to the black ramp at the airport wasn't really a safe place to be. So after sleeping almost all of the day away (wide awake all night), we snuck outside after the sun had dropped behind the mountains. In all all out sprint we shot the paint on the new instrument panel & the sub-panels. I used the slowest reducer on the DuPont acryllic enamel paint I could find, but it still dried very, very fast.

On initial look, the paint looks good, but (as expected) there is dust in it. I'll have to take a look at the paint once it's cured to see what it needs to make it look perfect.

[note: On the ramp at work, my F-16 reported temps of 140 deg on 18 Jul 05...stay inside!]

This was also the first paint I've shot with my new HVLP detail gun. It was $50 at Harbor Freight & worked great. I'm looking for more things to paint now.

In other news, I talked with Greg Nelson (F-1 Rocket kit #5 builder & pilot) about silkscreening & he seemed to remember paying on the order of $100 to get his panel done. Hmmmm....silkscreening might be an option again. More research is required.

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