Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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07 Jul 05: Tanya & I worked on getting parts prepped for paint today. We started with the pile of panels we removed from the plane. Some looked pretty good, despite having a 13+ year old paint job. Some weren't so pretty any more though. These are all the sub-panels that are getting painted the new gray color...

We sanded the old paint off of the sub-panels & roughed up the surface of the new main panel to get them ready for primer. The main panel was ready first, so I shot the primer on it first. I used a rattle can of DuPont self-etching primer followed by a DuPont high-fill primer to help smooth out the little bumps & nicks in everything. It was just over 110 degrees in my back yard "paint booth" so the primer dried way faster than I would like. Hopefully it'll be ok. Full summer sun is not the smartest place to paint/prime anything...don't try this at home.

After shooting both sides of the panel with self-etching & high-fill primer, I placed it in a "dust free" environment to ensure proper primer curing. Right...

We then moved on to the sub-panels. Tanya did a great job sanding down the old paint & getting things nice & smooth.

After we were comfortable the primer was dry enough on the panel (about the time we finished our frosty cold Cokes after painting everything), we took it down to the only silkscreen shop in Las Vegas we could find that does instrument panels. We got a quote from the owner & nearly fell on the floor. I think he thought we were with some high-dollar company or something. The quote was nearly $1000 to silkscreen text onto the 3 panels that need it. Ummm, no.

So, we're back to square one on the panel text planning. One of the local RV-6 builders is using clear stick-on labels he printed from his computer for his panel. Dan Checkoway & several others I've seen also use self-printed labels. They don't look as good as silkscreened printing, but it's something we're going to look at as an option.

I'm leaving for Japan until next weekend for work. We'll get back to work on the plane when I get back.

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