Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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06 Jul 05: I started the day out by cutting more holes in the sub-panel. Part way through that, the Dremel tool totally died. It had a good run. I bought it when I bought my VariEze...almost 10 years ago. More hole cutting to follow at a later date I guess.

I took a few minutes to install the latest software in my EFIS/Lite. The new software was a snap to install...

The new software (2.51) has lots of little fixes, including several things I suggested. It's really pretty amazing customer support when you post something on a company's web page & new software is released in a month with your suggestions. Good work Blue Mountain!

The GPS in the EFIS/Lite is awesome - 6 satelites from inside my hangar with the door only slid open about 15 feet. Looks like a pretty nice job displaying the local Class B airspace...

Fun aside, it was time for some real work. A quick tap of the punch & the last two mounting holes were perfectly located on the panel. I spent about 3 hours putting the panel & various instruments in place to check the fit of everything. All the mounting & alignment work is done & the panel is now as ready as it's going to be for primer & paint.

Tanya called me on my way home from the airport & said our sticks from Infinity Aerospace arrived. I ordered the sticks with 8 feet of wire & a custom layout of switches & buttons for 11 functions. The sticks look nice, although very military like (could be good or bad depending on what you want). With 11 switches on each stick to wire up, these will be a project all by themselves.

Later tonight, a package from Ray Allen arrived with my elevator trim servo, switch relay decks and a position indicator for the flaps. That stuff looks really nice too...yet another project!

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