Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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03 Jul 05: Yesterday, we called the paint shop & asked if they were open today. "8:30 to 5," they said. SO, we stopped by the paint shop & learned there are 2 halves to the store. The auto parts/hardware side was open, but the paint side was not. Figures.

On we went to the hangar. Right away, Tanya asked for a project. We decided she would work on installing the new engine monitor sensors on/around the engine while I worked on wiring inside the plane. She started with the cylinder head temperture sensors, then did the exhaust gas temp sensors.

From there, she installed the rpm & oil temp sensors. The rpm sensor bolted right into our magneto vent port. The oil temp sensor was a bear though. We both tried yesterday with no luck threading it in. Tanya figured that out & moved on to more.

While Tanya was busy with everything else on the plane, I played with switches. Below is a photo of one of the old switches. All of these are now gone & the new toggle switches are installed. I did not install the pitot heat switch yet - since I don't have a heated pitot tube to wire to it. I'll probably bolt that one in the panel & connect it when we get the pitot heat.

Tanya finished installing all the "wiskers" on the engine. Tacking down all the wires is next up front.

Tanya did some great work removing the old Loran antenna & smoothing out the sealant where it was mounted. The fuselage wasn't painted under the antenna, so we'll have to figure out some neat way to cover up the holes & paint the area. We talked about making a plate to go over the hole, but there might be better looking solutions. We'll see.

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