Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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02 Jul 05: We spent most of the day today driving around shopping for stuff. Some stuff was airplane related & some stuff wasn't. We picked up a new HVLP detail gun to spray the paint on the panel & sub-panels. I forgot the paint code at home, so we skipped buying the paint today. Tomorrow...

Tanya did an amazing reorganization job on the hangar. Things were, well, messy...not any more. While she was busy with that, I pulled the remaining 2 engine gauge clusters & their associated plumping/wiring from the plane.

There are now officially no instruments in the plane that don't belong. I also removed the old tachometer cable. I still have to remove a few antenna wires & the old switches & breakers, but it's pretty much as torn down as it's going to get.

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