Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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01 Jul 05: Sorry, I forgot the camera today. I finished removing all the sub-panels that need to be painted. There were two panels on each side of the fuel selector valve. They form the sides to a little custom box to hold & hide the fuel selector. They were bolted to the spar & to the floor. Once unbolted, I had to remove the fuel lines to get the panels out. The bad part about that was the fuel lines are full of fuel...gravity fed from the wing tanks. So, to keep fuel from going everywhere I had to get a little creative.

The last sub-panel left was the one that holds the throttle, mixture & prop cables. I already removed the throttle & mixture cables from the engine, but there were a couple of clamps holding them in place. After removing those, only the prop cable was left. The prop governor is at the back of the engine..in a dished out section of the firewall. It was very tough to disconnect the cable from the governor. Hopefully it'll be easier to reconnect it.

Tomorrow I'm going paint shopping.

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