Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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26 Jun 05: Tanya helped today with more removal of old stuff. I wanted to work at getting the rest of the small painted panels out of the plane that we are going to repaint the new panel color. To get those panels out, all the control cables have to be removed (throttle, mixture, prop, cabin heat, carb heat, elevator trim).

I started with the elevator trim. I removed the bulkhead behind the baggage compartment & the tail fairing to get to the old manual trim cable. After disconnecting "everything" I still couldn't get the cable out, so I pulled the floor out from under the seats & finished disconnecting the cable (just a clamp to hold it still). Here's the view down the inside of the fuselage with the bulkhead removed...

The old elevator trim cable is the green tube looking thing in the photo below. It'll be replaced with a Ray Allen servo & Gretz Aero mounting kit & pushrod.

With that removed, we pulled the carb heat & cabin heat cables. The cables were fairly easy to remove & route back through the firewall. No big deal there, it just took a while. After those, we started on the engine controls. The mixture & throttle were supported in the engine bay by a very nice bracket...that was very tough to get to. It was a bear to get the cables out...we might have to pull the exhaust to get them back in.

Before we left I removed the two stick grips. We still have to decide what to do with the old grips. They are very nice. Our new stick grips should be here next week.

To get the last 3 little panels out, I need to remove the prop cable & the aluminum fuel lines on either side of the fuel selector valve.

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