Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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23 Jun 05: The parts from Blue Mountain Avionics came in on Monday. I haven't seen them, but Tanya says everything looks good. The parts are for me to build an external ADI display/EFIS repeater for the right side of the cockpit. That project is far from complete, but at least I have the parts to get started.

I also placed orders today for new stick grips and an electric elevator trim mod kit. I probably should have ordered this stuff a couple weeks ago, but I hadn't decided on all the details. It probably will all take a while to get in, but hopefully they'll show up before I'm ready to work on them.

The stick grips I ordered are from Infinity Aerospace. They let you spec out exactly what type of switch you have in each position & prewire everything for you. Rumor is they are great stick grips. It was a tough decision to remove the old stick grips. They are hand carved wood. I think I might mount one of them on something & send it to the aircraft's builder. This is what the new sticks look like:

Over the years, our RV has been updated to have electric everything except for elevator trim. Since our RV-6 was built with manual trim, I looked around for someone who sold a kit to modify my existing setup. Gretz Aero sells a kit using a Ray Allen servo that mounts in the fuselage near the elevator mount that's made for RV's with manual trim. A really nice feature about this trim is that nothing changes in the elevator itself, so I won't need to rebalance anything. I plan on connecting the two coolie hat 4-way trim switches on the stick grips to Ray Allen Relay Decks for control of the trim servos. The new trim should also connect to my AF2500 engine monitor to show elevator trim position. Nice!

I still need to look at my aileron trim & flap servos to see if they have a position outputs that my AF2500 can read. It'd be nice to take advantage of those features of the AF2500.

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