Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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06 Jun 05: When I had the panel cut, I didn't know for sure exactly how all the gauges were going to be arranged. Even with all the measuring I did before the water jetting, I had to do some real fitting of gauges to make sure things were going to work as planned. That all went as expected & the instrument arrangement is going to be as I last thought out.

So, it was time to cut the notches for the altimeter & CDI/OBS adjustment knobs. I marked the panel & took a Dremel tool cutting wheel & grinding wheel to it. Grind, fit, grind, fit, grind, fit. Eventually, all the notches I wanted fit perfectly.

I also removed more of the old wiring from the panel. I have all the old fuses out & have pulled all (I think) of the wiring from things that aren't going back in.

My current stumper is that center "T" that has the throttle controls. It's painted the same color as the old panel - so it needs to be repainted. Bad part is all the stuff connected to it that's very tough (or at least time consuming) to get out. The throttle, prop, mixture, carb heat, cabin heat and elevator trim all have to be disconnected at the far end of those cables and pulled through the firewall or spar before I can remove them from the little "T." I'm guessing getting all that stuff removed is a couple days work. Ouch.

On the good side of things, that might just be the reason I need to upgrade my elevator trim to electric. I'm leaving for Canada on the 11th & won't be back until the 26th. That'll give me time to decide I guess.

I'm also waiting on a stack of parts from Blue Mountain Avionics for my EFIS repeater. Hopefully that stuff will come in while I'm in Canada. When I get that, I'll have to design & machine a case for the screen & computer. I cut a hole in the panel the same size as the EFIS/Sport requires, so I'm thinking my EFIS repeater will look pretty similar to that. Anyone have a CNC milling machine I can borrow?

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