Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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30 May 05: Memorial Day. Today I remembered my brothers in arms by flying an Extra 300L in a missing man flyby for the Boulder City Memorial Day ceremony. I was #2 in a 4 ship of Extras following a 4 ship of 3 RV's and a Pitts. The RV's did a diamond formation & we followed them about 1/2 mile back & did the missing man pullup with smoke & the whole 9 yards.

Here are 3 of the Extras...

Jordan Wirsz was kind enough to let me do the flyby flying from the front seat of his beautiful Extra.

The flush mount brackes for my EFIS/Lite are mostly done. My setup is a two simple brackets made from .032" aluminum sheet. That mount plus the panel stiffeners & radio tray mounts need to all get riveted in place. If you hold the EFIS & mount in place on the panel, it looks very nice with the screen perfectly flush with the panel.

I'm soon on the way to Canada for a few days, then Phoenix this weekend. There probably won't be much new progress for a week or so.

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