Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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29 May 05: Tanya went to the airport with me today & helped remove the old panel. Turns out the canopy will stay up with only one strut holding it. After removing the right canopy strut, the panel came right out.

Next order of business was to test fit the new panel. I had to trim a little bit off one of the corners (where I didn't have the water jet remove any metal from Van's panel blank). A quick zap with the Dremel tool & it fit like a glove. The cutouts on the left & right sides of the panel are a little bigger than I needed, but it works.

So, then I started digging under the panel. I removed the transponder, radio & loran mounting trays. The great thing about having Tanya at the airport is goofy headless pictures of me...

From there I spent a ton of time "un-wiring" things. There are lots of instruments that aren't going back in, so I'm tracking down their wires, hoses, etc and getting rid of them.

Tanya connected the AF2500 engine monitor & fired it up for the first time. We were so excited & busy playing with it I didn't snap a photo. It's way cool though. I can't wait to fly with it.

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