Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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28 May 05: After a quick deburring of the holes in the new panel, I couldn't hold back; I had to put some instruments in the new panel. The first thing that I tried was my AF2500 engine monitor. Perfect fit! No filing, no grinding, I just dropped it in & perfecto.

Ok, now I had something to show anyone who stopped by the hangar to see what I was doing. To remove the old panel, I needed to remove all the instruments. So, I started pulling instruments from the airplane. I removed the radios from their trays first, then the autopilot & the CHT/EGT guage.

Then removed some more...

At this point the wiring bundle from the Electronics Internation CHT/EGT gauge was in the way of my progress, so I asked for some help from a hangar neighbor & removed the brackets on the firewall that were holding it in place. After that, I threaded all the old sensors through the firewall...

and then removed the whole thing from the plane. It's very motivating to see all that stuff removed from the plane. The bad part is I have to put at least that much new stuff back in.

With all the instruments out, I unmounted the radio trays & removed all the panel mounting screws (I found way more than I thought were there).

I tried to remove the panel, but the struts that hold the panel in place had it wedged in. Most tip-ups have their canopy struts mounted a different way. Jack did this trick which gives the canopy a very clean look - you just can't get the instrument panel out.

I wasn't going to try removing either of the struts or the canopy without someone else there to hold the canopy up for me, so I walked outside to stretch...

It must be time to call it a day!

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