Tanya & Bryan Duke's RV-6 Panel Rebuild
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26 May 05: The CAD work is done & sent to the water jet cutter! I talked with Charlie from Pro Cutting in Las Vegas earlier today. All he needed was my DXF drawing file & he can start cutting. His prices are very resonable too.

There was lots & lots of debate that went into this design. I would have like to spaced the instruments a little more evenly, especially on the left side. I chose not to modify the bulkheads/panel supports already in the airplane, so I had to work around them. You have to pick your fights...that wasn't one I picked. This is how the panel will look when you are seated in the plane:

If you want copies of my CAD drawing files, they are listed below. Please note, however, that there are slight variations in actual RV-6 construction. I measured MY AIRPLANE & made these CAD files fit MY AIRPLANE - they may require modification to fit your airplane. Also, please note that the because of the bend in the panel from Vans, you have to cut the panel from behind...so for the first 2 dxf files, things are mirror image of how they will look when seated in the plane.

901jh_panel_3_prebent.dxf - this file is meant to cut a standard RV-6 tip-up panel from Vans. These panels already have a 90 deg bend in the bottom of them to finish the bottom edge.

901jh_panel_3_new_aluminum.dxf - this file is meant to cut a standard RV-6 tip-up panel from a flat sheet of aluminum. After cutting, the bottom 1" edge needs a 90deg bend in it.

901jh_panel_3_frontview.dxf - this file is not meant for cutting. It is meant show the outline of the panel how it will look from the pilot's seat when installed in the airplane.

I'm dropping the panel off tomorrow to get cut. I'll hopefully post pictures of the cutting process.

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