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12 Mar 05: Trip to St. George, UT & low level flight back with the Rosales'. Paul called a couple days ago to let us know he was going to be in Las Vegas to visit some friends. He asked if we were interested in hanging out for a while on Saturday. We decided that our hanging outa should be with our planes, so we agreed to meet in the air. We briefed up our rendezvous & formation info. I was a minute late to our check point, but we joined up without a problem.

I gave Paul the lead & he led us into St George, UT for lunch. Paul's brand new constant speed prop was dragging around their plane like nobody's business - we could tell the grin behind the voice over the radio. Too bad our plane's still faster..nosedragger!! :) Oops, sorry.

We pitched out of our overhead pattern & landed close behind Paul & Victoria. We taxied to Air Superiority, a 3 week old FBO! The service there was first class. We were handed the keys to a courtesy car & directions to the best BBQ joint in town. Onward! Lunch was wow. Texas style BBQ beef. Mmmmmm.

We topped off the gas in the car & dropped it back off at the FBO. After quickly paying our fuel tabs, we briefed up our trip out of there. We blasted off & took the quick hop over to a skypark on the edge of town. I can't remember the name, but it was a great little skypark. All the houses were huge & most had planes parked out front enjoying the great weather. We walked the length of the airport, eyeing perhaps a place to buy some land...right. We got back to the planes & briefed up a formation low level trip back to Boulder City. Ahhhh, more reasons to love owning a plane.

We took off and climbed out to compare our plane's performance. Paul was doing some learning on the finer points of constant speed prop use (I don't know any finer points though...so I wasn't much help). after a few minutes of that, I lead us through roughly a 100 mile low level trip back home. I wish I would have been shooting video. I'll just say, it was incredible. Paul asked what low levels were like at 600 knots. I chuckled. This was every bit as fun, just not as fast.

We landed at Boulder City & visited with them for a few more minutes before they had to leave for Henderson (right over the ridge). They took off to meet their friends for the rest of their weekend fun. We tucked away our plane & marked down another great day of flying.

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