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2 Jan 05: We made our first fly-out breakfast trip in the plane today. We got a late start (slept in late!) this morning and took off from North Las Vegas at 11:00am. There were several layers of clouds in the Vegas area. A scattered layer was hugging the top of all the mountains surrounding Vegas. After getting vectored all over the Class B airspace trying to leave the area, we climbed over the first cloud layer & scooted throug a large hole in the next layer. We leveled off at 10,500' and cruised above the clouds. For whatever reason, the GPS lost lock near Baker, Ca & never reaquired more than 2 satelites. The clouds mostly broke up by the time we started our decent into Apple Valley. A Cessna was doing patterns on Runway 18 as we switched radio freqs from Joshua Approach. We did a 360 over a bunch of people motorcycling about 2 miles north of the field & rolled out for a straight-in in front of the Cessna. As we landed, an RV-4 was taxiing out for takeoff. We exchanged double clicks on the radio as we passed each other. We taxied to the south end of the field at parked in front of Leonard's Cafe.

Tanya & I flew to Apple Valley for breakfast or lunch quite often when I had my VariEze based at Fox Field in the late 90's. We've been talking for years about going back to Apple Valley to see the brick we signed when they expanded the restaurant in 1998. We walked in the restaurant and scanned the wall for "our brick" and found it pretty quickly. The writing had faded, but was still plain to see. 2-21-98 was the date with a sketch of my old VariEze. I wrote our names, our new tail number & today's date above the writing from '98. We talked with the restaurant owner over breakfast & learned he also owns the North Las Vegas restaurant & is working on opening a restaurant at Boulder City too. He asked us for a photo of our plane to put on his menu.

We took off on 18 and made a left turn out to the north. As we got to the end of the runway we passed pattern altitude and continued to climb above a Stits Playboy joining downwind. The clouds had thickened up quite a bit while we were eating, but we had no problems climbing above them. We cruised back at 9500' and had 200 knot ground speeds the whole way thanks to a tail wind. The GPS worked perfectly until we got within the Vegas valley, then lost it's track again. We landed at North Las Vegas and taxied up to the terminal building to take a photo of our plane for the Cafe's menu.

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